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Really Impacting K-12


Joining forces with teachers, students and parents allows us to provide the best possible outcomes.

Really Impacting K-12


Our founder and leader, Dr. Darnell Yates, is an accomplished author. He uses that skill to pass along that sense of pride in the written word to his children and his students.

Really Impacting K-12

A new way of looking at things

Really Impacting K-12 is constantly in motion to update our practices and knowledge base for our clients.



Our Mission: To provide services, support, and Really Impact scholars from grades K-12. Our goal is to provide educational support to scholars, teachers, schools, networks, and districts through research-based practices that are aligned with an enriched systematic approach to attaining reachable goals. We Really believe in the teaching and learning process regardless of setting, proficiency levels, or demographics. We believe “Education” is a tool that is used to facilitate endless learning opportunities which can systematically develop lifelong learners.

Our Vision: To Really Impact one scholar, one teacher, one school, and one network/district at a time.  Our focus is to have a collaborative partnership and TURN data, instructional practices, and the mindset to infuse reachable goals. Each stakeholder will be Really Impacted!

Our Motto: A real T.U.R.N is what we offer! Transformational, Unconventional, Researched-Based, and Neutralized Practices which impacts learning experience for all.


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Find out what our services are and how we can Really Impact your educational experiences through rigorous instructional support, curriculum and instruction, and disaggregating data to directly increase the productivity of teachers, coaches, support staff, and support leaders in various capacities.  Our team has a proven track record at the local, state, and national levels with our carefully crafted practices.

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Boys Mentoring Program "Generation of Leaders" (GOL) has been successfully comprised at the Elementary & Middle School level. GOL has been implemented successfully in Virginia, Maryland, and New York City.   
This program was created and developed by the founder to support at-risk youth when teaching. It has been implemented within both public and charter settings (Elementary & Middle School setting). Data has suggested that students with an array of home, school, and community challenges benefit holistically from mentorship, counseling, and taught leadership skills.

Our elementary scholars will focus on numerous topics daily, weekly, and monthly to directly reinforce your school-wide mission, vision, and goals. Furthermore, it teaches scholars the importance of respect, kindness, academic achievement, leadership, peer-mediation, reflecting as an individual, grade-level, and as a group with a common end-goal.


T.U.R.N. Consulting Group

Generations of Leaders: Boys Mentoring Program

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