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Dr. Darnell Yates, Sr. is a native of Harlem, New York. He is the youngest of three children. He enjoys traveling, shopping, cooking, and reading literature. He has a 13 year-old son who enjoys science, mathematics, and writing. Dr. Yates is a 21-year veteran educator, who is passionate, eager, and determined to help close the achievement gap. His passion is to provide knowledge, share his skill set, experiences, and best practices. Dr. Yates has experience in Teaching and Learning, School Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, Exceptional Education, School Counseling, and Network-District leadership.

In summary, Dr. Yates has an Ed.D. from Argosy University in Higher & Postsecondary Education, a Postgraduate degree from Western Governors University in Educational Leadership, Master of Education in School Counseling from Cambridge College, Master of Science & Master of Education from Virginia State University in both Special Education & Elementary Education, and lastly a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Union University in Criminology/Criminal Justice with a concentration of Division of Social Science. Additionally, Dr. Yates had the opportunity to attend the prestigious Cardinal Hayes High School in the south Bronx. Currently, he is working on a certificate in STEM PreK - 12 at Fresno Pacific University.

As a Professional School Counselor of nine-years Dr. Yates facilitated individual, group, and interactive classroom counseling. His primary focus was to support/reinforce students through academic, social/personal, and career awareness. In addition, he worked collaboratively with teachers, staff, administration, parents, and community partners to help bridge the gaps. He is a proud member of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society for Counseling & Pi Lambda Theta International Honor Society. Currently, He serves in the capacity as Network- Director of Curriculum & Instruction- Elementary in STEM. Furthermore, he is highly passionate about the teaching and learning process and helping to mold the next generation of educators.
Really impacting K-12 academically, socially/personally, and through career awareness the whole child!

Aspiration: As a youngster growing up in Harlem, NY, he had a solid support system from academics, social/emotional, and through career awareness. Early in his life, he recognized the importance of the components for at-risk-youth to excel within the home, school, and his community. He used education, exposure, mentorship, and intrinsic motivation to help him excel. His passion comes from being an at-risk scholar, teaching/counseling the at-risk scholar, and leading scholars while currently serving as network director for scholars who mirror his upbringing in the urban, rural, and suburban community. There is a dire need for boys mentoring in grades 2nd -8th. Dr. Yates feels compelled to utilize his experiences in K-12 along with his son to distribute an array of books that will support scholars holistically. In addition, Dr. Yates is in constant communication/partnerships with award-winning educators who have soared from the highest recognition for National Blue Ribbon Awards to local/ state recognition from the district (public, private, and charter). Dr. Yates is a dedicated educator who believes data tells the story to Really Impact schools from state to state!

Really Impacting K-12
Really Impacting K-12


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Really Impacting K-12


Our founder and leader, Dr. Darnell Yates, is an accomplished author. He uses that skill to pass along that sense of pride in the written word to his children and his students.

Really Impacting K-12

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