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Our Boys Mentoring Program "Generations of Leaders" GOL supports all boys at the elementary and middle school level.  Our boys program addresses academic, social/emotional, and career awareness.  In addition, is aligned to STEM standards.  At Really Impacting K-12, we believe in supporting the whole child; student grade level leaders, student participants, and student ambassadors.  We use a collaborative approach to ensure our boys mentoring program will support the scholars needs, regardless of the setting. 
1. Inner-City
2. Suburban
3. Rural 

We currently have implemented this interactive early intervention program in the following states in the public and/or charter school setting K-8. We have  successfully supported teachers and scholars through purposeful mentorship, counseling, peer-mediation, student leadership, effective communication and partnerships with community stakeholders.  
1. New York City 
2. Maryland
3. Virginia 

We Really Impact students who require additional support due to an array of daily challenges. The leadership qualities that students walk away with are very impressionable and ultimately leave a lasting impact. 

Our 12 month programs are specifically aligned with the school year calendar; thus not impacting instruction.  We have carefully developed a program that will support teachers, school leadership, and/or district needs. 

We believe in meeting the whole child where they are. Our unique and skillful approach was designed to support at-risk youth and those who face daily challenges.  We stand behind our approach and look forward to assisting in minimizing educational deficits .

Our boys programs and researched-based services, are designed to support the following levels/settings across the USA:
- Public
- Charter
- Alternative
- Detention centers
- Group homes
- Specialty programs 
- Pilot initiatives (Pop-Up)  
- Summer (STEM)

Boys Mentoring Program 2nd- 5th Grade
This program was created and developed by the founder to support at-risk youth or children who require intensive mentorship, counseling and develop leadership skills.

Boys Mentoring Program 6th- 8th Grade
This program was created and developed by the founder to support at-risk youth or children who require mentorship, lack professional male role models, show difficulty with coping, adjusting, effective communication, written or positive interactions with peers, adults, parents and community-at large.  Scholars are taught the importance of respecting themselves, women, and how to attain goals and aspirations through; modeling, developing, exposure, peer-mediation, and academics. 

This program will directly support the school setting by significantly decreasing the following:
Instructional interruptions
Referrals Behavioral concerns (classroom, resources, transition, cafeteria, school bus, recess, etc)

Enhancing the following:
a. Building relationships with males within the school setting (Student Leaders, School Building Male Mentors ,and Male Professional Mentors)
b. Showcasing student leadership and encouraging other scholars to excel
b. Teaching boys at an early age the importance of leadership,
c. Incorporation of positive male role-models in a different setting to support the whole child (rural, suburban, and urban)
d. Support and encourage daily instructional focus through collective partnership to excel academically

We Really Impact by ensuring...
1. We serve as a reinforcement for teachers, school counselors, and school administration
Constant communication with school staff is in effect in order to build trust and collaboration processes. 
Age-appropriate topics pertaining to Home, School, & Community re-implemented such as;
2. Current Events
3. Future aspirations (Careers)
4. Academic & Behavioral Concerns (Based on teacher-input, scholar, parent, or school)
5. Motto: Leadership, Scholarly, Critical Thinkers, Passionate, and Inspired young boys.

Four-Levels to mentorship in GOL: 
1. Student School Leaders 
2. Student School Participants 
3. Student School Ambassadors/ Photographer
4. Male School Staff Members  and/or Professional "GOL" Community Partners 

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For more detailed information regarding the boys mentoring program, please feel free to email, send a request, or call.  

Educational Supplemental Book:
Coming Soon: Boys Mentoring Program books for Elementary & Middle school aligned  to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

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